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RECENZJE | Następca tronu - Test Creative Aurvana Live!2


Następca tronu - Test Creative Aurvana Live!2

 Autor: NimnuL | Data: 15/11/13

Creative-Aurvana-Live!2 review


Spec Creative Aurvana Live!2

Creative Aurvana Live!2

Creative Aurvana Live!2

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Available in two colours: black dark chrome and black dark red chrome.
In the box: soft bag, detachable 1,2m flat wire (very flexible, covered with a soft rubber) with build-in mic and simple remote (analog volume control and answer/end call).
Warranty: 2yrs for EU, 1yr for non-EU.
Official price on Creative web: 130EUR (state for Nov 2013). Not in available in massive distributions outside the Creative stores yet (premiere is scheduled for Dec 2013). I just learned it’s out of stock in US. Weird. $190 on ebay...

Let me just stop for a minute and write few words about the cord Creative tend to deliver in the package. I feel like engineers put no attention to this one. The plug is non-standard 3,5mm Jack but a smaller 2,5mm one which moreover is triangle-shaped along with the socket in the headphones. This will cause some problems if you’re thinking about changing the original cord, another plug may not fit in properly. Be careful.

Well, luckily they focused on the headphones itself with remarkable result. Check this out.
CAL!2 are a foldable over-ear headphones – portable by design but large enough for home use. Earpads’ dimensions: 90mm outside / 50mm inside, 23mm deep. Round shape outside/inside. Whole ear easily fits inside. Very soft leatherette, with memory foam.
I'm thinking it's as breathable as possible for such material.

Isolation isn't a strong site of Live!2 I would say its moderate (or just good) and rather standard for home models but way bellow expectation for portable. It's way better than in NuForce HP-800 though but not even close to Brainvawz HM5 or Monster N-Pulse. It's comparable with AKG K550 and Sennheiser HD380pro. The reason for that is low clamping force which is perfect for long listening sessions (3h non stop is not an issue here) but obviously affects the passive isolation. Overall I think Creative made a good effort and well balanced the result.

An overall build quality is very good for this price, it’s all plastic but a decent one. Hinges look durable. No squeaking sounds, no loose parts. It’s all good, comparable with all the rest of the cans in similar price range. Nothing to be ashamed even while standing next to AKG K550 or Sennheiser HD380Pro.

The headband is covered with soft cushion + leatherette. It’s adjustable (10 positions = 30mm each site). I found an ideal position in a middle range of adjustment so there is still a place for bigger head.


Source: USB DAC FiiO E07K Andes, iPod Nano 4G, iPhone 5, head amp FiiO E09i
Files: FLAC (including 96/24), AAC and MP3@196-320kbps, CDAudio
Music range: classical, opera, rap, electronic, rock, hard rock, jazz, folk, vocal ...

Drivers: Foster Electric neodynium magnets with bio-cellulose diaphragm – looks the same as the one used already in good old CAL! and Denon AH-D1001. Hard to day if they changed anything here, but the sound evolved. I'm surprised that I say this , but these phones are the second closed cans that made my jaw drop so hard. The first one are AKG K550. I used to love open design phones mostly because the soundstage, but Live!2 beat a lot of open cans I know in this exercise. The soundstage here is huge. It’s three dimension with so much air it’s hard to believe these are closed design cans. It’s easy to locate the sources, and the overall stage is very stable.

The sound is very detailed, so detailed in fact that I had to revisit some of my music files as I spotted artifacts caused by compression or bad recording. I faced similar situation only once while listening to K550 a while back.

Considering the price (which I expect to go down pretty soon now) and the flexible purpose (home/outdoor) I would say CAL!2 are a serious competition for K550 now ...
The bass is powerful and crazy fast with short and deep punch if needed. Mids are natural, the voice is crisp and clear. No artificial change in tones. Highs are bright and clear but not fatiguing. There is a lot of balance in the sound signature, however in all it’s a bit warm but still in a good way. Creative followed common sense, they were careful not to mess about that too much.


Overall: extremely comfortable, huge soundstage and just crazy amount of details. Very dynamic, clear and natural sound with warm signature. This makes them a fun headphones for every music lover. Superb value for money even considering the competition. For me it would be first and the only choice as a universal solution for home and outdoor. If I’d be looking for home-use closed cans for reasonable money I’d put in my shopping list next to AKG K550 and Sennheiser HD558.
CAL!2 provide a huge amount of real time satisfaction and take a listening experience in higher than expected level. Well done Creative!

Pros and Cons

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